The picture above is one of my all-time favorites! Author Brian Keene and I reading each other’s work. Brian is one of the reasons I am where I am today. He helped me prepare for my first pitch session with Don D’auria of Leisure, a major New York publisher at the time. The story I pitched? Cinema of Shadows. Based on that pitch, I was asked to write Cinema for Leisure. And who was the first person to shake my hand and congratulate me? Brian Keene. Leisure didn’t end up publishing Cinema of Shadows (That’s a whole other story!), but that novel, all the ones that followed, and maybe my career, wouldn’t exist without that original pitch and the guidance of one Brian Keene.

Brian has done so much for so many over the years, but now it’s Brian who needs assistance. Brian was involved in an accident about a week ago, and was badly burned. He is without insurance, and his medical bills could be somewhere north of $300,000.00! A GoFundMe has been established to help with Brian’s growing medical expenses. If you are able to give, please do so. Here is the link.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can do!