Strange Amusements

Strange Amusements has just posted a wonderful new review of my first anthology as editor, Vampires Don’t Sparkle!  Here is an excerpt:

“This is a collection of real blood suckers who will thrill, amuse, and frighten you, fifteen tales of terror ranging from an unstoppable Viking vampire lord to a robot vampire from Japan. Each story is different and original, such as a vampire that feeds on other vamps or an apocalyptic future overrun by skraelings. The stories are entertaining and well written by some well-known authors such as J.F. Gonzalez and Tim Waggoner and some that I am just being introduced to. I will definitely be looking for more of their works on my favorite subject and other horror. It’s good to know that the true vampire legend has not been completely destroyed for profit and hopefully the evil creatures of the night are making a comeback. So get out your garlic and crucifix and try to sleep tight. Muhahaha.”

VDS_standing book

Read the full review here!

And get your very own copy of Vampires Don’t Sparkle! here!