Shroud posted a glowing review of Skull Full of Kisses on their blog.  The review will also appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Skull Full Of Kisses is a unique, diverse and powerful collection of bone-chilling horror. The old saying, ‘love knows no bounds’ is well exemplified here. From random acts of kindness, to utter madness, West shows us that even love – the most innocent emotion we posses – is often the impetus for these and other ghastly acts…West’s seamless prose, coupled with his unique and powerful voice gives us multi-layered tales rarely seen in horror fiction. Most importantly, and what truly makes this collection a breath of fresh air, is how West peppers each story with his uncanny ability to weave readers directly into his fiction. Skull Full Of Kisses cements West’s status as a rare and formidable storyteller whose work should not be approached lightly.”

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