The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review just posted their thoughts on Poseidon’s Children, the first novel in my Urban Fantasy series, The Legacy of the Gods.  Here is a snippet:

“If John Carpenter wrote prose, his pen name would be Michael West. Poseidon’s Children reads exactly like a Carpenter film in all the right places, which isn’t much of a surprise since Poseidon’s Children was originally conceived as a screenplay. West proves that he can flawlessly write vivid scenes with a director’s eye, tactfully inserting all of the Hollywood hallmark scenes and expectations into prose, without pulling the reader away from the story; explosions, fascinating creatures, budding romances between protagonists, a cult of Cthulhu-like worshippers seeded on earth from an alien identity, and a fabled city risen from the darkest depths of the earth. This novel makes for one hell of a read.”

Read the full review here!