The Independent Review just posted its thoughts on my best-selling novel, Poseidon’s Children.  Here’s a little excerpt:

“This is another white knuckle ride with its mix of urban fantasy, science fiction and horror with the ancient mythological world colliding with the modern.  I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this before. Part of you is amused and incredulous, another is horrified but you are always thoroughly entertained. Just when you think you have a firm grasp of what is going on West jerks the carpet right from underneath you!  With its compelling cast of characters, gripping plot, twists, gore and a showdown between New York mobsters and sea monsters you cannot accuse this one of being pedestrian!  Conspiracy theorists, fans of science fiction and horror will all love this and the ‘Legacy of Gods’ series is off to the strongest of starts.”

Read the full review here!