Cabin Goddes has posted the third and final entry in their series on my new novel, Poseidon’s Children.  Today, we get an in-depth review of the novel.  Here is an excerpt:

“I cannot put Poseidon’s Children specifically in…Cthulhuian mythos, or Horror, or Thriller, or Fantasy, or Science Fiction…If I had to I would say Urban Carnivale! but they do not have that subgenre…yet.  Michael may just be the first.  I literally did a fist pump and giggled when I read the opening scene…the writing style, the cleverly woven plot devices…everything fits overlayed into this frantic masterpiece.  Oh and the love scenes! *fanning myself*  All of them, including the ones that were a bit harder to read, (involving one of the bad guys!)…Poseidon’s Children will always have this ‘hook’ in the flesh of my subconscious.”

Read the full review here!