Blood Sweat and Books

Blood, Sweat and Books just posted a new review of the first novel in my Legacy of the Gods series, Poseidon’s Children, giving it 4 stars!  Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“One of the best things about Poseidon’s Children were the characters. I loved how fleshed out everyone was, and even though the cast is large, it was easy to tell whom was speaking and when. Another thing that I really liked were the monsters themselves. I was so concerned they’d read like something from a cheesy Syfy movie, but instead, I found myself genuinely scared of them. Thankfully I don’t live near an ocean because if I did I might be a bit hesitant to step in the water after reading this…Overall, Poseidon’s Children was a great book and I cannot wait to see what the author brings to the table for the rest of this series.  I highly recommend picking up Poseidon’s Children and giving it a go.  If you like originality mixed with great writing, thrills and chills, then you’ll definitely want to read this book.”


Read the full review here!

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