The Fell Beasts anthology, edited by Ty Schwamberger and featuring my short story “Sandwalkers,” will be available next month from Dark Quest Books.    As the title of the anthology suggests, all the stories deal with monsters!  Here is the full ToC:

“Spelunking” by R. Scott McCoy

“The Whispers in the Cage” by Timothy Moore

“Samuel” by Jason Sizemore

“Excitable Boy” by Thomas A. Erb

“On Fine Feathered Wings” by Gord Rollo

“In Darker Waters” by Robert Ford

“Night Shift at Hotel Mara” by Dean Harrison

“Sandwalkers” by Michael West

“Splinters” by Adam P. Lewis

“There Goes the Neighborhood (Holiday Version/Extended Cutting)” by Brady Allen

 “Yellow” by John Everson

I feel honored to be sharing this anthology with so many talented authors.    Stay tuned, faithful readers!  More info will be posted as the release date approaches!