I am pleased to be a part of Ty Schwamberger’s new limited edition anthology Cadence in Decay from MHB Press.   The books will all be finely bound and signed by each of the contributors, and there are some amazing writers involved with this anthology.  Here is the full table of contents:

“Ricochet” by J.F. Gonzalez

“War of the Worlds Fever Dream” by Weston Ochse

“Unknown Caller” by Michael West

“Cacophony” by Adam P. Lewis

“Breaking Up” by Ramsey Campbell

“Dead Cache” by Mike Oliveri

“Patience” by Skip Novak

“War Is Over” by Gary Braunbeck

“Dialing the Dead” by James A. Moore

“Communication Breakdown” by Maurice Broaddus

“Terminal Point of Addiction” by Ian R. Faulkner

“The Christmas Calle”r by Jack Ketchum

“Spencer Weaver Gets Rebooted” by Thomas A. Erb

“Tin Cans” by Jeff Strand

“The Talking Dead” by Tim Waggoner

Cadence in Decay is set for release in early 2012.  Stay tuned for more information, or visit the MHB Press Coming Soon page!