MikesFilmTalk just posted a wonderful new review for my first Harmony, Indiana novel, The Wide Game.   Here’s an excerpt:

“There is not a doubt in my mind that Michael West will become as popular and as renown as Stephen King…He definitely has that same ‘cinematic’ touch that KIng has perfected over the years and Michael is the only other writer who can startle me so much.  He is that good…Michael West has once again taken us to Harmony, Indiana and scared the bejeezus out of his faithful readers. The action moves with all the deadly purpose of a runaway steam train. A train that is full of menace, death, demons, and fear. Like his other books, I could not stop reading this tale and at times I gripped the edges of the book with white knuckles while my eyes raced down the page. I can also attest to the fact that this book actually instigated a nightmare while I was reading about Paul and his classmates.  If you have not encountered Mr West’s superior horror fiction, I implore you to do so. Right now.  This is a full 5 star stunner of a book.”

Read the full review here!