Mike at MikesFilmTalk has become my newest faithful reader, burning through all my novels at a break-neck speed, and according to him, that’s just the way it feels to read my latest Harmony, Indiana novel, Spook House.  He gives the novel 5 Stars (and wishes he could give it a 6th)!  Here’s an excerpt:

“Spook House reached a G-force of speed that took me right back to that white-knuckled runaway train in the (Six Flags) park of my youth…The action was so fast paced that I felt like my hair was going to fly back from my e-book (similar to the old Memorex commercial with the stereo speakers) and that if I didn’t hold tightly to the arms of my chair, I would be flung off.  By the time I’d reached the story’s climax, I felt almost as weak and wobbly as I did all those years ago at the end of that runaway mine train ride.  A full 5 star book that I’d give a 6th star to just for the neck and neck race between good and evil.  Brilliant.”

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