Pustule Oozings posted a wonderful new review of my last Harmony, Indiana novel, Spook House.  Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“(Michael West writes with) butter-smooth prose and a razor-keen sense of how to draw out suspense. I found a story that pulled me along the shoot like a greased up pig and plenty of greasy-grimy people guts decorating the scenery. I even found myself caring about the main characters a bit and was quite impressed at how whole and solid he makes this little slice of Indiana feel. I haven’t gotten this strong of a sense of the personality of place in a while. Most importantly, I had fun. That’s all that matters here.”

They even compare me to the great AC/DC

“Michael West doesn’t change anything about horror fiction any more than those limeys changed Rock N’ Roll, but only a soulless bastard doesn’t get excited when they here that introductory clang of Hell’s Bells.”

Read the full review here!

And get your very own copy of Spook House here!