Jess Resides Here just posted a wonderful new 4-Star review of The Legacy of the Gods, Book Two: Hades’ Disciples.  Here is a bit of what she had to say:

“This is a seriously good series that I wish more people knew about. Michael has written what is a super fun and entertaining urban fantasy that gets the reader hooked and desperate for more… mythological and fantasy creatures tied to modern day… good guys in a race against time to keep the bad guys from implementing their evil plan… Well written characters that are so fascinating to read about I so want to get my hands on book three. You’ll also have a sex scene that will blow your mind. Highly recommended.”

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Hades Disciples Kindle


ISBN Number   978-1-941706-00-8  (Trade Paperback)
ISBN Number   978-1-941706-16-9  (Limited Hardcover)
Also available as an e-Book.