This may not be a new review, but it is new to me.  Richard Dansky of The Green Man Review, posted his thoughts on the Legends of the Mountain State 3 anthology, featuring my story “Flowers in Winter,” based on a legend of tragic romance that takes place in the John North House in Lewisburg, West Virginia.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Massie leads off with ‘The Caretaker,’ a slow build of a ghost story that takes an unexpected but appropriate turn at the end. Scott Nicholson’s ‘Wampus Cat’ is another, sidestepping the pitfalls of both the predictable and the overly folksy. Steve Vernon gives a fresh take on the legend of John Henry with ‘Where You Gonna Run To?,’ and Michael West’s ‘Flowers in Winter’ neatly reverses the twist of Massie’s story, all the more effectively since the two are back to back…more than solid and deeply entertaining.”

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