Field of Screams (2016)

“Mondamin is here!”

Robby Miller hoped he would never hear those words again.

In 1987, the senior class of  Harmony High played a dangerous game in the cornfields just north of town, and as a result, ten people were murdered or took their own lives.  The survivors of that terrible day moved on, moved away, and tried to put the game behind them.  Not Robby.  He remained in this hellish town, year after year, dealt with one supernatural horror after another, all in the hope that, one day, he would finally be able to defeat his own personal demons.

That day has arrived.

No more games.  Tonight, Robby will join forces with his friends and loved ones, will come face-to-face with all that he fears, and in this final battle against the forces of evil, Harmony, Indiana may not survive.

Coming in 2016 from Seventh Star Press!