Ereader logo09 has just posted an amazing review of my new novel, Spook House.  Here is an excerpt:

“What a fabulous find! Spook House by Michael West is one of those Horror books that just grabs you from the very first page with characters you really want to get to know–and some you never want to have the bad luck to run into, that’s for sure!  This is a super scary, and sometimes delightfully gross, horror tale…Oh, and the illustrations…WOW! What an unexpected touch to find in this book!  That spider-dog was one of the sickest things I’ve seen; it was so great! Where do authors come up with this stuff?  I wonder sometimes just how terrifying their nightmares are if they think up this stuff while they are awake.  The town, the characters, the creatures, and the back story in Spook House are all so wonderfully crafted I swear I have just been on a great adventure and I wish it wasn’t over.”


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