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Amanda Amaya at I Read a Book Once just posted her thoughts on the first novel in my Legacy of the Gods series, Poseidon’s Children, giving it 4 stars!  Here’s a bit of what she had to say about it…

“The concept of this book is insanely imaginative.  Drawing on extensive knowledge of the deep, Mr. West creates truly horrifying creatures that literally leap out of the pages.  The plot is well developed…and despite the subject matter, it is actually believable.  The entire thing is very well written…I particularly loved the author’s description of the ‘transformation’ that some of the characters go through.   And the character development is excellent.  All of the ‘unrelated characters’ are so strongly developed so the reader will have a sense of confidence to where the plot is going toward the end of the book.  Overall it is a good and captivating read.  I will definitely think twice before heading into any ocean.  And I will NEVER swim at night.”  


Read the full review here!

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