Scott M. Sandridge, editor of Fear and Trembling, has posted a new review of my Harmony, Indiana novel Cinema of Shadows on the SpecMusicMuse Review site.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Michael West delivers a ghost story that both holds true to the traditional tropes but simultaneously provides his own unique spin, and delivers a plot twist that leaves  your heart pounding.   West breathes depth and life into every character: living, dead, and demonic. You care for what happens to them, unlike in, oh say, the Saw films where you could care less if the heartless morons get torn into itsy bitsy pieces.  If you like ghost stories or even just horror stories in general, you’ll love Cinema of Shadows.”

He even goes so far as to list the music one should listen to while reading the novel.  His suggestions: “anything from Midnight Syndicate, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Tiamat, or Marilyn Manson.”   Good choices all, but I would add some Jerry Goldsmith into the mix.

Read the full review here!