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October 2016 Appearances

Spook House Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is just around the corner, and when you are a Horror writer, that means you are suddenly in great demand.  Here is where you will find me this year between now and October 31.  I will be signing copies of all of my novels, short story collections, and anthologies, including my brand new Legacy of the Gods novel, Zeus’ Warriors.  Hope to see my faithful readers at one or more of these events, and have a most happy Halloween!

Mooresville Library

Saturday, October 22nd
Mooresville Public Library
220 W Harrison St
Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone: (317) 831-7323

Karen's Book Barn

Saturday, October 29th
Karen’s Book Barn
127 East Main Street
LaGrange, KY 40031
Phone: (502) 222-0918

Spook House Haunts #1 Spot on Bestseller List!

Spook House Kobo Bestseller

Bestselling author Michael West has another hit on his hands.  His third Harmony, Indiana novel for Seventh Star PressSpook House, just became a #1 bestseller, topping the Horror charts for Kobo.  A global leader in eReading, Kobo delivers the best digital reading experience to millions of users in 190 countries, offering one of the world’s largest catalogs with millions of titles.

In Spook House, there are some places in this world that go far beyond any normal definition of “haunted.”  These places are so evil, so diabolical, that they become gateways to Hell itself.  The Fuller Farm is one such place.

It is said that old man Fuller conducted unspeakable acts, blood rituals and human sacrifices, all in an attempt to gain the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate power.  And then, he was killed–horribly murdered on his own lands, leaving the house to stand as a vacant monument to his wickedness.  But once a door is opened, it can never really be closed.

Now, the stars are right.   The gateway is ready to once more unleash unspeakable horror upon the town of Harmony, Indiana.   And this will be one Halloween that they will never forget!

Order your own copy of this chart-topping bestseller now from:,,’s,
IndieboundSeventh Star Press or your favorite book store.

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The Most Horrible Time of the Year!


Today is day one of the big Spook House Blog Tour!  Our first stop…Book Lover’s Hideaway’s Halloween Spooktacular!

 To mark this special occasion, I have written a Halloween holiday poem.  Read it here!

Our next stop…Bookishly Me!

Wag the Fox Gets “That Halloween Spirit”

Michael West has written a guest blog for Gef Fox’s dark fiction website, Wag the Fox

After reviewing Michael’s Cinema of Shadows recently, I thought he’d be a perfect author to coax into writing a little something for the Monster Movie Marathon. Well, boy howdy, did he go the extra mile in writing a testimonial to Halloween and the monsters who revel in it. Enjoy.”

To read “That Halloween Spirit,”  click here!