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Fictional Candy Takes a Bite Out Of Spook House!

Today on the big Spook House Blog Tour…a sweet stop at Fictional Candy.  One of the characters from the novel, Cayden Donnelly, has written a little introduction so that you can get to know him a little better…if you dare!

Read the guest post here!

And get your copy of Spook House here!

Tomorrow’s tour stop…Book Den!

The Most Horrible Time of the Year!


Today is day one of the big Spook House Blog Tour!  Our first stop…Book Lover’s Hideaway’s Halloween Spooktacular!

 To mark this special occasion, I have written a Halloween holiday poem.  Read it here!

Our next stop…Bookishly Me!

Character Assassination


Book Den asked me to write a guest blog for their website, so I did. 

Character Assassination by Michael West

Join me as I talk about the early 80’s  glory days of the Slasher film, and a subject near and dear to my heart:  the importance of having real, believable characters in Horror stories.

Read the blog here!

What the Heck Is Urban Fantasy Anyway?

In honor of Urban Fantasy month, Wag the Fox asked me to do a guest blog for their website.  I did, and it went live today:

What the Heck Is Urban Fantasy Anyway?
By Michael West

You can read the full blog here.

And you can order Poseidon’s Children, the first novel in my new Urban Fantasy series, The Legacy of the Gods, here.

Bringing “Poseidon’s Children” to Life

The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review site asked me to do a guest blog on my upcoming Seventh Star Press novel, Poseidon’s Children  (due out next month).   As faithful readers know, the idea for the novel, and the series it kicks off, The Legacy of the Gods, has been with me for a very long time.   I thought it would be interesting to give everyone a little background into how the project ultimately came to be, so I give you:

By Michael West

Read it here!

Wag the Fox Gets “That Halloween Spirit”

Michael West has written a guest blog for Gef Fox’s dark fiction website, Wag the Fox

After reviewing Michael’s Cinema of Shadows recently, I thought he’d be a perfect author to coax into writing a little something for the Monster Movie Marathon. Well, boy howdy, did he go the extra mile in writing a testimonial to Halloween and the monsters who revel in it. Enjoy.”

To read “That Halloween Spirit,”  click here!