Pick of the Literate just posted a new review of my first Harmony, Indiana novel, The Wide Game, giving it four stars…er, flaming skulls!


Here’s a bit of what they had to say…

“Once again the small town of Harmony, Indiana turns out to be less than harmonious.  More demented souls seem to reside in this small, corn fed town than any major metropolis.  What is up with all the corn fed fear?  Michael West surely has a strange turn of mind.  I’m guessing that he, like Stephen King, has the heart of a small boy and he too, keeps it in his top desk drawer.  After plowing through the mayhem you discover that you aren’t done yet.  Mr. West likes to flip things around just when you think you have everything figured out.   Robby Miller of the Spook House is here, younger and not yet jaded.   I have read and reviewed  Spook House , Poseidon’s Children and Cinema of Shadows all by Michael West.   He has carved a niche into the face of evil, leaving his readers looking over their shoulders and listening to the wind in the corn.  I’ve stated before I don’t read a lot of horror stories but I really the way Michael West renders them.”

Wide Game Kindle

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