Sheila Deeth recently posted a review of my previous Harmony, Indiana novel, Cinema of Shadows.  Luckily, I didn’t scare her off, because she is back for another dose of Horror as the next stop on the big Spook House Blog Tour.  Sheila’s rating system was made for me, as it is based on coffee!

Sheila calls Spook House “a smooth dark novel best enjoyed with a bold dark 5-star cup of coffee.”  Here is a bit more of her review:

“Beautifully timed with moments of peace and mystery interspersed among gruesome horror, nicely rounded with backstories so sparingly told they add depth without increasing length, and hauntingly evocative with gorgeous scenery behind the gathering gloom, Spook House lends a whole new dimension to the idea of a haunted house, and will keep both new readers and long-time fans glued to the pages.  Or stuck to them with curious slime perhaps…A writer to watch, a novel to enjoy, and a place to avoid on the map: Spook House, Harmony, Indiana, USA.”

Read the full review here!

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