Today’s stop on the Horror Express that is the big Spook House Blog Tour…a wonderful review from Book Den!  Here’s an excerpt:

“As much as I love reading a great horror novel, I love watching horror movies as well.  Now that I have young children, I don’t get to watch many (any!) horror flicks. Michael West’s Harmony, Indiana books are a great combination of both worlds.  The fun and the scares are much like watching a horror movie.  The Halloween tie-in was more subtle than I expected; you could definitely curl up with this one any time of the season.  If you haven’t read anything by Michael West, Spook House is a perfect place to start. His Harmony, Indiana books are stand alone and entertaining in any order you choose to read them. Although, after reading Spook House, you will likely have a strong desire to pick up The Wide Game next.”

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