Today’s stop on the big Spook House Blog Tour…a great new review from Beauty in Ruins!  Here’s an excerpt:

“Harmony, Indiana is to Michael West what Castle Rock, Maine is to Stephen King… This is another solid West thriller, gruesome, bloody, scary, and fun. The opening scene is right out of a classic horror flick, complete with a ‘don’t go in there!’ sentiment shared by the characters as well as the reader… Sheri and Robby are strong characters, vulnerable and damaged in their own way, but with a hidden strength  that drives the story forward… As for the climax, it’s absolutely brilliant. Once again, West manages to pull off a finale that’s more than worthy of the horrors leading up to it. If you’ve ever doubted that Super Soaker water guns, trucks full off road salt, bags of saline solution, and a cheesy Halloween haunted house set-up could be scary, then you need to give this a read – even if just to see how history comes full-circle, and how the victims become the heroes.”

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