Today’s stop on the big Spook House Blog Tour…a wonderful review from Beagle Book Space!  Here’s an excerpt:

“5 Stars!  I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Spook House, which is my first ever Michael West novel, had just the right amount of horror mixed in with an interesting storyline that kept me totally intrigued and turning the pages as quick as I could to the very end…so well written and didn’t have any of that immature or ‘cliche’ feel that I’ve noticed a lot of horror stories seem to have. It also had a plotline that didn’t seem to be so totally far out unbelievable, and there was even a scientific aspect within the story to back the events up, which I thought was a great touch. The two main characters, Sheri and Robby, were very realistic and likeable people and I really enjoyed the interactions between them and how they developed as the story moved along. This is not your typical horror story where multiple characters are being bumped off left, right and center for unexplained reasons. This story has a bit more depth and contains just the right amount of gore that fits well within the plotlines and doesn’t feel unnecessary as you continue reading. Overall, if you’re a fan of a good horror story that isn’t immature or predictable then I definitely recommend reading Spook House. I can’t wait to try some other Michael West novels now!”

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