Where has this year gone?  FandomFest / Fright Night Film Fest is just two weeks away!   With guests like legendary director John Carpenter, and two sold out hotels, this is going to be one of the largest conventions anywhere this year!  I will have a table all weekend where faithful readers can buy my works and have them signed, including my new novel Cinema of Shadows, which will not be available to the rest of the public until August 7!  In fact, there will be a huge book launch party for the novel on Saturday night, so I hope to see everyone there!  When I’m not at my table, or meeting with John Carpenter and the other guests, here are the panels and events where you can find me over the weekend:

Friday, July 22

Fiction Readings, 8pm in Panel Room C.  Featuring:

Michael West

Allan Gilbreath

Jimmy Gillentine

Horror Writing-Realistic Character Development and Other Considerations:   There are some definite considerations to keep in mind when writing in the horror genre.  Developing realistic characters in a horror novel has its own hurdles due to the genre itself.  If you are a horror writer or just curious about the genre, this panel will explore the unique genre considerations.

Friday, 9pm in Panel Room B.  Featuring:

Brady Allen
Michael West
Andy Deane
Elizadeth Hetherington
Bonnie Stewart
Mari Adkins

Saturday, July 23

Writer’s Groups:  Writer’s Groups can really damage an aspiring writer, or they can be incredibly helpful.  This panel will help you evaluate whether you are in a Writer’s Group that will be beneficial to you.  What do you look for in a good writer’s group?  What are some red flags to look out for?

Saturday, 11am in Panel Room B.  Featuring:

Bethany Halle
Ruth Souther
Mari Adkins
Peggy DeKay
Gary Wedlund
Michael West 

Small Press-Pro’s and Con’s:  This panel will give you a nice overview of small press publishers, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What are the strengths of small press?  What are its weaknesses?  Where do small press publishers fit in within the publishing world of 2011?  You might be very surprised to find out just how important small press publishers are becoming!

Saturday, 1pm in Panel Room B.  Featuring:

Jason Sizemore
Michael West
Jimmy Gillentine
Bobby Nash
Jackie Gamber
Mike D’Ambrosio

Crafting a Series or Franchise Character:  Whether you are writing a dedicated series, or perhaps a group of books featuring a heroic, franchise-type character, there are some extra things to ponder as you go about your work.  This panel features authors of both kinds, who will explore the additional things that need to be kept in mind when writing several books that have a core connection.

Saturday, 7pm in Panel Room B.  Featuring:

Eric Wilson
Elizabeth Donald
Michael West
Jackie Gamber
D.A. Adams
Steven Shrewsbury

Seventh Star Press Book Launch:  Saturday, 9pm in Panel Room A.  

Join horror author Michael West as he launches his new novel Cinema of Shadows.  Get ready to find out why Harmony, Indiana is going to soon become one of the most popular, and dreaded, locations in horror! 

And that’s about it.  Hope to see everyone at the event July 22-24!