This is my current schedule for the weekend of July 2-4.  It may change by the time of the event,  so be sure to check the InConJunction website,  or with the registration desk on the days of the event.

Panel name: V: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Times: Sat 10:00 am – Sat 11:00 am
Room: Salon A
Copanelists: Matthew Barron, Keith R.A. DeCandido
Description: The visitors have walked among us for some time now. Join us in a discussion of the 80s series and its recent reboot.

Panel name: Blowing stuff up! (In fiction)
Times: Sat 11:00 am – Sat 12:00 pm
Room: Salon B
Copanelists: Michael Z. Williamson, Scott Hann
Description: We all see explosions and trick shots on TV and in the movies, and read them in our favorite books. How do explosions and heavy weapons actually work? This is not a lab panel and no actual explosions will take place.

Panel name: Urban Fantasy: Bringing Ancient Myths into the Modern World
Times: Sat 12:00 pm – Sat 01:00 pm
Room: Salon B
Copanelists: Karen Nagel, Stephen Zimmer, David L. Burkhead, Serra Head, Doug Rollison, Ben Avery, Elizabeth Darvill, Debbie Gates
Description: Camelot in Indianapolis? Dragon wars in Ohio? Werewolves, mermaids, and ancient gods walking among us wherever we go? Dive into the increasingly popular subgenre of Urban Fantasy and learn from its creators!

Panel name: Crossing Genres
Times: Sat 01:00 pm – Sat 02:00 pm
Room: Salon B
Copanelists: James S. Dorr, Johannah Hupp-Clark, Keith R.A. DeCandido
Description: Our writer guests discuss how they weave horror, fantasy, and sci-fi elements together into their work.

Panel name: Marketing and Publicity for Small Press and Self-Published Authors
Times: Sat 05:00 pm – Sat 06:00 pm
Room: Salon B
Copanelists: Stephen Zimmer, Lou Harry, Hal Ames, Marc Gunn, Rosemary Laurey, Steven Marsh, Kate Chaplin
Description: A panel focused on workable ideas for the promotion and marketing of books by authors on small press publishers, and self-published authors. Low cost promotional items, public relations, online suggestions, and more would be covered.

Panel name: Writing Cross Genre Fiction
Times: Sat 06:00 pm – Sat 07:00 pm
Room: Salon B
Copanelists: James S. Dorr, Serra Head, Rosemary Laurey, Elizabeth Darvill, TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
No description

Panel name: Avatar
Times: Sat 09:00 pm – Sat 10:00 pm
Room: Salon A
Copanelists: Ronald Hawkins
Description: Return to Pandora, a world where Science and Fantasy collide to create an experience like no other.

Panel name: Candlelight Horror
Times: Sat 10:00 pm – Sat 11:00 pm
Room: Salon C
Copanelists: James S. Dorr
Description: Horror readings by multiple authors have been a staple at past InConJunctions. Usually starting at 10 p.m. and lasting up to two hours to Midnight.

Panel name: Writing: Mistakes Beginners Often Make
Times: Sun 10:00 am – Sun 11:00 am
Room: Main Programming
Copanelists: Matthew Barron, James S. Dorr, Lou Harry, David L. Burkhead, Johannah Hupp-Clark, Rosemary Laurey, Steven Marsh, Kate Chaplin, Keith R.A. DeCandido
Description: While no amount of form and polish can save a bad story, there are mistakes that can knock a story out of consideration before it ever gets to the editor’s desk. Learn how to avoid them.

Panel name: Novel vs. Short Stories
Times: Sun 02:00 pm – Sun 03:00 pm
Room: Salon A
Copanelists: Stephen Zimmer, Hal Ames, David L. Burkhead, Rosemary Laurey, Steven Marsh, Elizabeth Darvill, TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
Description: Mainstream publishers are running away from short stories but is that a reflection of what readers want? Come and share your opinion on whether novels or short stories are what you want to read.

I will be at my table between panels and all day Friday, so please stop by, say hello, and get signed copies of Skull Full of Kisses, Legends of the Mountain State 3, and other works. I will also have T-shirts and Mugs available while supplies last.

Hope to see you there! ;D