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Cadence in Decay an anthology edited by Ty Schwamberger

Table of Contents


Remembrances for J.F. Gonzalez

“City of Joy” by Weston Ochse

“Unknown Caller” by Michael West

“Cacophony” by Adam P. Lewis

“Breaking Up” by Ramsey Campbell

“Dead Cache” by Mike Oliveri

“One Up a Tree” by Chad Lutzke

“The Everyday Struggles of Being” by Philip C. Perron

“Patience” by Skip Novak

“War Is Over” by Gary Braunbeck

“Minx and the Meaning of Life (or A Faery Learns to Feel)” by Gabriel M. Cole

“Dialing the Dead” by James A. Moore

“It’s For You” by Keith Minnion

“Communication Breakdown” by Maurice Broaddus

“Terminal Point of Addiction” by Ian R. Faulkner

“Sorry, No Service – Technological Disturbance” by David Owain Hughes

“MASKS” by Taylor Grant

“Spencer Weaver Gets Rebooted” by Thomas Erb

“Tin Cans” by Jeff Strand

“The Talking Dead” by Tim Waggoner


Cover art by David Anthony Magitis.

The anthology will be released in trade paperback and eBook editions in 2016 by Ravenswood Publishing.