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The Wide Game Limited Edition Hardcover Now Available for Pre-Order!

Small Wide Game SSP

Limited to just 75 copies total, this special edition of The Wide Game features a cloth-bound hardcover with a dust jacket. A special signature page is included, with all copies signed and numbered by Michael West. This book also will include a bonus illustration by the award-winning Matthew Perry not featured in the regular edition.

The pre-order window for this edition will be open from now until January 2, 2014. Books will be shipped towards the end of January. Everyone ordering will also receive an eBook copy of The Wide Game in ePub or Mobi format so that you do not have to wait to read this highly-reviewed tale from Michael West.

Even though there are only 75 copies, the price for this release is just $34.95 with $6.50 shipping and handling in the USA, $12.00 to Canada.

Feel free to continue to shop in our online store, as our shipping is a flat rate so all additional items purchased with this order will add nothing to the shipping rate. (and all softcovers include digital copies as a bonus!)

Click here to reserve a copy or two of this collectible Michael West hardcover today!


The Little Red Reviewer
just posted a wonderful review of my first anthology as editor, Vampires Don’t Sparkle!  Here is an excerpt…

“Vampire fiction has been mostly a turn-off for me lately. I don’t want to read about vegetarian vampires, vampires who don’t want to hurt humans, vampires who are lonely and just waiting for the right mortal who could make this all worth it. I don’t want my vampires to be family friendly. Sexy vampires are always fun, and well, sexy, but I’d rather have the real thing. Give me some violent amoral bloodsuckers any day, give me some Jasper Kent, some Kim Newman, some gold old traditional Bram Stoker any day!  Good thing Vampires Don’t Sparkle! came along. Fifteen authors who agree with me. Fifteen stories where the vampire is the bad guy, the dangerous one, the thing to run away from. As editor Michael West says in his introduction, pop culture (and one particular author who changed the face of vampire fiction) stole vampires from us, and made them into something they’re not. It’s time for us to take them back! These stories aren’t all horror, not in the slightest. Some of them are laugh out loud funny, some of them cover the lonely and dangerous reality of what hunting humans entails,   there is a truly disturbing one about how one man learns how to destroy a vampire. They are all a throwback to what so many of us have been missing. Sick of sparkly vampires? This anthology is for you.” 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research institutions to fight the real horrors of Cancer.


Read the full review here!

And get your very own copy of Vampire’s Don’t Sparkle! here!

Enter the Star Chamber!

Star Chamber Logo

Tonight is the kickoff of The Star Chamber Show, the new live podcast  co-hosted by Michael WestSelah JanelSusan H. Roddey, Stephen Zimmer and Alexander Stephen Brown! The book world is a big part of it, but we’ll also be doing some things with movies and music too. First featured guest is James R. Tuck, a rising star in Urban Fantasy and author of the Deacon Chalk novels. Our book blogging guest is Babs Hightower of Babs Book Bistro. We’ll have call-ins from the audience (our call in line is (619) 639-4616), there’s a live chat room you can participate in, and more! The adventure begins! 9pm eastern at

Hope to see you all there!