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Beauty In Ruins “Truly Hooked” by Poseidon’s Children!

Beauty In Ruins just posted a wonderful review of my new novel, Poseidon’s Children.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Poseidon’s Children represents a bit of a change of pace for Michael, being the first volume of his urban fantasy series, The Legacy of the Gods… yes, there’s the horror and the gore, but also the sense of something far more sinister, intelligent, and calculating behind it.   This is a story about lost civilizations, mythological pantheons, and honest-to-gosh sea monsters, with enough contemporary elements (scientists, billionaires, artists, authorities, and hit men) to effectively anchor things and keep it at least plausible. It takes a while before we understand how all the characters fit into the story, and some of them only creep into the story to be dragged off in a frenzy of blood a few pages later, but it all works. The multiple viewpoints give it a cinematic feel, and the way in which Michael builds the characters ensures we’re never at a loss as to who is dominating the scene.   Even with all the additional demands of setting up a multi-volume urban fantasy series, Michael still keeps the pacing tight and the storytelling sharp. There are moments of comedy and romance to help temporarily alleviate the tension, and enough awe-inspiring moments of mythological monstrosity to keep even the most jaded reader engaged.  I hadn’t expected to enjoy this one as much as I did, but I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter, especially after that cliffhanger ending, which introduces another layer of horror to the fantasy.”

Read the full review here.

And buy / download Poseidon’s Children here.

Urban Fantasy Reviews Gives Poseidon Four Stars!

Urban Fantasy Reviews has given my novel, Poseidon’s Children, 4 stars!  Here’s a bit of what they had to say about it…

“One of things I appreciated about the book…was I think that there is a character out there for everyone. This book has a lot of characters in it, so you are pretty much guaranteed to find someone you like within, someone you can identify with and want to know more about. And the characters all compliment each other pretty well, which I think is a pretty nice achievement by the author, especially with a cast as large as it was in this book…I do really like that the book has a good pace. Once the book gets going it really doesn’t stop, it keeps the reader interested in the plot throughout the entire thing. It does a really good job of making you want to know what is going to happen next…The book is a really quality read. The writing is good, the plot line is solid, the characters are well formed and easy to identify with. I like any book that makes me think, and makes me think I know what is going to go on next and then have the author completely surprise me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or horror. But if you are like me and you avoid horror at all costs, I think you might want to give this one a try, because it really is a great molding of the two genres.”

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Book Den: “I Want to Be One of Poseidon’s Children!”


Jennifer at Book Den just posted a review of my new novel, Poseidon’s ChildrenHere’s a bit of what she had to say…

Poseidon’s Children starts out a lot like Jaws, except the sharks in Poseidon’s Children have hands.  ‘What kind of mythological creature would you like to be?’ is a common question among paranormal book discussion forums and the book blog hops. I’ve never had an answer to that question until now. I want to be one of Poseidon’s children. It would be awesome to be able to transform between a sea creature and a human. If I had a set of gills, my life would be complete.  Poseidon’s Children is a great start to the The Legacy of the Gods series. The ending provides a lot of setup for the next installment, but we are given a complete story prior to the sizable epilogue. I greatly appreciate when a series book can be read as a stand alone.  I’ve been trying to ease into the urban fantasy genre and being that Poseidon’s Children was dark and scary for an urban fantasy, it was a great selection for me. I’m looking forward to seeing where the series goes in the next book.”

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The Magick Pen Writes Rave Review for Poseidon’s Children!

The Magick Pen just posted a rave “four apple” review of my new novel, Poseidon’s Children.   Here’s a bit of what they had to say…

“I found the characters to be intriguing and well written, as well as the mix of genres. I am not a fan of thrillers or horrors at all, however, the urban fantasy blend in Poseidon’s Children was enough to allow me to enjoy the story without being completely put off. I also found the plot to be well developed, keeping me hooked throughout the story while sending my mind on a whirlwind adventure. I couldn’t say what Mr. West was going to throw at me next. It gave the novel that edge of excitement and suspense necessary to capture a reader like myself…All in all, I found Poseidon’s Children to be a good, if different, read and would recommend it for anyone ready to go on a roller-coaster of an adventure.” 

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Cinema of Shadows Is “Hard to Put Down!”

Michele Lee,  author of Rot and Wolf Heart, and formerly of the wonderful and sorely missed Dark Scribe Magazine, has posted a nice review of Cinema of Shadows.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I absolutely loved this book.   In many ways, great ways, Cinema of Shadowsis a typical horror novel. It’s clear West loves the genre, but also understands some of its failings. He manages make the book a ton of fun by playing on reader expectations and turning them over. The lead females can be in distress, without having to be saved and they can be saved without being weak and useless. Likewise the males can be tough guys, but still get into trouble and need a little help themselves.   Cinema of Shadows was fun to read, hard to put down…Definitely recommended, especially by those who miss having a little fun and humor with their ghosts and gore.”

Read the full review here!

Poseidon’s Children: “(You) Have Never Read Anything Like This Before!”

The Independent Review just posted its thoughts on my best-selling novel, Poseidon’s Children.  Here’s a little excerpt:

“This is another white knuckle ride with its mix of urban fantasy, science fiction and horror with the ancient mythological world colliding with the modern.  I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this before. Part of you is amused and incredulous, another is horrified but you are always thoroughly entertained. Just when you think you have a firm grasp of what is going on West jerks the carpet right from underneath you!  With its compelling cast of characters, gripping plot, twists, gore and a showdown between New York mobsters and sea monsters you cannot accuse this one of being pedestrian!  Conspiracy theorists, fans of science fiction and horror will all love this and the ‘Legacy of Gods’ series is off to the strongest of starts.”

Read the full review here!

Character Assassination


Book Den asked me to write a guest blog for their website, so I did. 

Character Assassination by Michael West

Join me as I talk about the early 80’s  glory days of the Slasher film, and a subject near and dear to my heart:  the importance of having real, believable characters in Horror stories.

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Poseidon’s Children Is “an Urban Fantasy Carnavale!”

Cabin Goddes has posted the third and final entry in their series on my new novel, Poseidon’s Children.  Today, we get an in-depth review of the novel.  Here is an excerpt:

“I cannot put Poseidon’s Children specifically in…Cthulhuian mythos, or Horror, or Thriller, or Fantasy, or Science Fiction…If I had to I would say Urban Carnivale! but they do not have that subgenre…yet.  Michael may just be the first.  I literally did a fist pump and giggled when I read the opening scene…the writing style, the cleverly woven plot devices…everything fits overlayed into this frantic masterpiece.  Oh and the love scenes! *fanning myself*  All of them, including the ones that were a bit harder to read, (involving one of the bad guys!)…Poseidon’s Children will always have this ‘hook’ in the flesh of my subconscious.”

Read the full review here!

Cinema of Shadows Is “Excellently Crafted and Constructed Tale!”

Daniel Cann over at The Independent Review just posted a fantastic write-up on my novel, Cinema of Shadows.   Here’s an excerpt:

“Author Michael West has managed to produce something that is chilling, suspenseful, haunting and horrific. It also manages touches of much needed levity, not bad for one book!   West is a skilled story-teller expertly holding your attention and building the intrigue and mystery before dishing out the frights! He has managed here to turn the familiar: a cinema into a truly terrifying place where malevolent spirits and demons lurk in the shadows.   What I particularly enjoyed was the schlocky ‘B-movie’ feel to the proceedings. Along with all the shocks and jolts there are plenty of pop-culture references and it is clear that even if his protagonists are not having a great time West certainly is. Fans of novelist Stephen King and film-maker John Carpenter will enjoy this.  West also manages to write female characters well, here they not the usual clichés you find in horror films, i.e. helpless screaming victims or monosyllabic vixens but rather sophisticated, intelligent, strong and defiant heroines so kudos for that as well.   Cinema of Shadows is an excellently crafted and constructed tale where something monstrous and unworldly exists in quiet rural Indiana. West has proved he is an extremely accomplished horror author and I very much look forward to his next project. ” 

Read the full review here!

Lunch With Peggy: Fried or Boiled?

Cabin Goddess has posted Part 2 in their three-part series on my new novel, Poseidon’s Children.   Today, in addition to an interview with one of the characters from the book, the site posts recipes for Traditional New England Crab Cakes and a New England Traditional Clambake (Stove-top).  So, now you have something wonderful to eat while reading Book One of The Legacy of the Gods series!

Read the interview and get the recipes here!