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What the Heck Is Urban Fantasy Anyway?

In honor of Urban Fantasy month, Wag the Fox asked me to do a guest blog for their website.  I did, and it went live today:

What the Heck Is Urban Fantasy Anyway?
By Michael West

You can read the full blog here.

And you can order Poseidon’s Children, the first novel in my new Urban Fantasy series, The Legacy of the Gods, here.

Beauty in Ruins Finds Beauty in “Cinema of Shadows!”

Beauty in Ruins just posted one of the best reviews ever for my novel, Cinema of Shadows.  Here’s a snippet:

“Michael West’s Cinema of Shadows is the most fun I’ve had between the pages of a book in a long time…Whether he’s suggesting something in the shadows, building up to a big reveal, or literally dragging you into Hell, West does an absolutely stellar job of describing the horrors. There are subtle moments of campfire ghost-stories born of urban legends, creepy scenes of Poltergeist like activity, and even some darkly comic moments that reminded me of movies like Ghostbusters or The Frighteners. Once the story really gets going, though, it’s sheer paranormal insanity, kind of like an unrated version of the original The Amityville Horror, as re-imagined by Stephen King, and directed by Rob Zombie…This is supernatural horror at its darkest, wildest, and most unapologetic. It’s a story populated by ghosts, poltergeists, demons, and psychic phenomena, and one that refuses to waste a single word in justifying itself to the skeptics. I found it so refreshing to become immersed in a good old-fashioned horror story again, to sit back and be entertained by the thrills and the chills, and not be preached at or reasoned with. It’s pure popcorn horror, complete with a gallon of sugary soda to fray your nerves and stretch your bladder, keeping you physically and emotionally on edge until the very last page.”

Read the full review here.

Interview with Jess Resides Here

Jess Resides Here just posted a new interview with me on my writing career, my love of all things Horror (and coffee), and the release of my new Seventh Star Press novel, Poseidon’s Children.

Read the interview here.

And order your copy of Poseidon’s Children here.

Poseidon’s Children Is “Strong Blend of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror!”

Wag The Fox just posted the first review of my new novel from Seventh Star Press, Poseidon’s Children, and it’s a great one!  Here is a small snippet:

“Michael West has created a story that is as much event driven as it is character driven, with several characters offering viewpoints for the action and mystery to play out. Michael doesn’t hold back on the gruesomeness, either. The introductory scene involving the ‘shark’ attack gives a pretty clear idea that there will be more horrific elements than what readers might expect from conventional urban fantasy. What comes as no surprise, however, is the richly laid out history of the underwater progeny that are making their presence known. And by the time you reach the third act, all bets are off, and you wonder just where the story is going to lead in the next book. Poseidon’s Children is a strong blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and it seems like it’s about time some Atlantian-style source material got the spotlight.”

Read the full review here.

Poseidon’s Children Now Available on Kindle

My new novel from Seventh Star Press, Poseidon’s Children, is now available as a Kindle eBook from  Get your copy now for just $2.99!


Poseidon’s Children Trailer