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The Wide Game Wins a New Home!

Faithful readers know that I was never happy with the way my first novel, The Wide Game, was released. The original publisher put out what was essentially a first draft manuscript with little changes or support. :(

After a lengthy battle to regain the rights, revisions, edits, and a good polish, The Wide Game is finally the story that I always wanted to tell. And soon, readers will be able to experience it as it was originally intended. Graveside Tales, the publisher who just released my short fiction collection, Skull Full of Kisses, will be unleashing The Wide Game 0n Valentine’s Day 2011. ;D

Stay tuned! As more details become available, I will post them here. ;)

Dark Scribe Magazine Reviews Skull Full of Kisses!

Dark Scribe Magazine just posted a review of Skull today.   :skull

“West displays a strong knowledge of the genre and its readers and also a level of skill that reflects reliability in forming tales, fleshing out characters and setting a tone that brings good tales to life. Midline horror for those looking for something good, and entertaining, but not too experimental as to lose audience interest, West’s collection delivers a spectacular assortment of cultures, themes, and settings sure to keep readers engaged and up at night.”


You can read the whole review here!

Horror-Web Reviews Skull Full of Kisses

Horror-Web just posted a review of the collection today.    :skull

****= 4 Stars
“In the introduction to *Skull Full Of Kisses*, Gary Braunbeck says, “Michael West loves being a horror writer, is in fact proud to call himself one.”  Braunbeck is right, and when you love what you’re doing, it shows.  As I turned the pages of this nifty collection, I couldn’t help thinking about how much fun West must have had writing these stories.  Because I was having a blast reading them.

It took me back to my teenage years, those Golden Days of horror, back when you could use the word “tales” and nobody laughed.  Classic tales (don’t you dare) of monsters and ghosts – nothing deconstructed, no post modern meanderings – just good old scary stories.  The kind you remember when you’re walking down a dark street or driving over an old covered bridge.  The kind that make you look over your shoulder, even though you know it’s idiotic.  Nothing’s there, right?  Right…. ”


You can read the whole review here!